(... sounds like “easy dew”)

Jacopo Salvestrini’s
Web Ideas

Welcome to my Web Ideas.

I’m a Software Development Lead based in Prague, Czechia.

At the basis of my career in the IT, there is a thorough thinking and creative visualization process that stems from my father’s Visual Art. My father really trained my imagination since I was very young teaching me how to watch, stay curious, honest and humble to reality, be perseverant in absorbing reality into memory and then translating reality into a drawing with emotions. That built in me a system able to improve itself, able to imagine all the possible and the impossible with geometrical precision and wonderful beauty. It’s hard to describe how incredibly my mother fueled my father’s creativity. She also protected and nourished the early development of my System. Her mind is that of a perseverant, unstoppable engineer, drove by the "impossible" and the "unexplored". For me, "impossible" is primary matter waiting to be molded into something at the same time logical and beautiful.

In my free time I enjoy studying human nutrition (in the last 11 years I gradually shifted my diet from being vegetarian, then fruitarian, raw-vegan, ketogenic/paleo, and now hypercarnivore) coupled with HIT (with only one "I"), through in-depth readings and incessant practice.

I also enjoy studying and listening to the Great Masters of Baroque, Classical, and Romantic Music.

I thrive on a healthy lifestyle, therefore my body and emotions don’t need much travelling. I mostly travel with my mind thanks to my interests, or for business trips. I also don’t forget that I live in a world with technologies that make me feel close to everything.

From time to time I share with the world my Thoughts and Visual Memories.

In the past I had a very brief music career as a Lutist (2008-2011). I also studied Ashtanga Yoga, in all its eight “limbs”, daily, for several years (2009-2015).